Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

January 1, 2014


by Aminah

That feeling I often get when you’re next to me.
That feeling that just won’t go away.
That feeling where,
He brings me roses on Valentine’s.
He whispers the words I love you in my ears.
He calls me every day just to see if I am okay.
He makes me feel more in love with him
Every time I look into his beautiful blue eyes.
He makes me feel less insecure.
He takes my pain and misery away.
Now everything is just plain dull,
He left me without saying goodbye.
Wondering, but knowing he’s never coming back.
Now it’s just me buying red roses on Valentine’s Day
The redness of the flowers reminds me
Of the warmth of my blood constricting in my skin.
He made me fall in love with his everything
And now I am not sure about a second chance at love
But I know for sure that although I have fallen
I would rise again.
He’s probably up there watching me
Over the clouds and stars.

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