Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

January 17, 2014

I Am In Love

by Prathamesh

Never had I surmised,
I would fall in love;
It happened so suddenly,
Hardly could I know.
Her eyes were scintillating,
Her hair so sleek;
Time stood still at the moment
I was watching her like a geek.
She spoke with a serenity,
That'd calm the angers of all;
Her voice was so sweet,
Like angels giving you a call.
Her manner was so gentle,
Her walk so fine;
No one would call her human,
She had a touch of The Divine.
Her eyes exploring the Earth,
Glimpsed me anyhow for a moment;
They blinked and glared me back,
I wondered if it be an accident.
From childhood up to now,
I always dreamed of a princess.
Now in reality she was, there
And to my surprise our eyes met.
The meadow around with green lustre,
Bade 'hello' to the masterly beauty.
But her eyes, gently piercing my soul,
I never experienced such a sanity.
The golden sun smiling in the blue sky,
With its rays gleaming over her hair;
Array of perfection she already wore,
Making it a complexion so beautiful, so rare.
Nature-born or God-gifted;
This girl made me fall for her;
I wondered if she be a fairy,
'Had she white wings with white fur?'
At the whole of her sight,
You'd have said she was a dove;
But my heart couldn't stop singing,

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