Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 27, 2014

I'm Not Sure, I'll Make You Sure

by Christy

When i can be able to see you
I closed my eyes
When i can be able to touch you
I was not moved
When i can be able to speak to you
I was quiet
When finally i can hear "I love You" from you
I ran away

I don't know where i'm going
What a stupid thing
I threw rocks to you when you threw me cupcakes
My favorite thing

I just couldn't accept this
When i have to release my relationship with freedom
Just to be with you
I am afraid
Will i be happy?
Of course this is what i want
But will i?
Promise me, that i won't cry
Do you promise?

I understand that you are scared
But you just have to let go of something good
To get something greater
And that's me
I'll give all my love for you

If you still want to be free
I can give you freedom
I love you and i'll do anything for you
But i just can't do one thing
I can't promise that
No, i can't so i'm sorry
I won't promise that when you're with me
You'll be just so fine
No tears and no sadness
I can't promise it will happen when you're with me
But i can promise you this
Whenever you're sad and cry
I'll be there with you
Hug you, kiss your forehead,

and say that everything's gonna be alright
Along the night
Until you fall asleep
And when you wake up the next morning
I promise
i would still be there
Fall asleep next to you

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