Poets are those who love,--who feel great truths, And tell them.

May 27, 2014

Do You Feel Me...

by Savannah

I know how it feels;
It truly kills.
Nobody notices
And if they understand,
They just don't care,
It isn't fair.
I want to pull out my hair
And scream
You think I'm mean?
You must believe
This isn't me.
If people made me this way,
Who made them that way?
I'm a hypocrite
And a piece of shit
And I only have you guys to blame.
Why can't I blame myself?
Instead of someone else?
All I can think is
The world's so twisted
As my skin becomes inflicted
With the pain
That I can never name
If I blame someone else's immorality
For my cruelty
Then that would mean
Someone was cruel to them
And someone was cruel to them
And not one of us knows the reason.
I'm trying to pick apart my brain
Cause I might not remain sane
And I don't want to strain
To understand our hearts
Cause my anxiety
Might make me fall apart
There is no point in trying?
There is no point in making yourself weaker
when you're already strong
And this is cliche,
But just hold on
Life goes on.
Though it may drag
Please don't lag.
People are going through
The same thing as you.
In the end,
We're all human
With addictions and afflictions
And we all sin.

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